A plumbing emergency is a total nightmare, especially if you are dealing with it for the first time. More severe problems may arise when a water heater stops working or a clogged drain strikes.

Homeowners these days would normally opt for DIY solutions as they are less costly, and most are accessible online. There is nothing wrong with that. But note that DIY fixes are not permanent solutions to an overflowing toilet, a sewer line leak, a low water supply, and a water heater failure. Some situations require the expertise of an emergency plumber. But when do you call for an emergency plumbing service?

It’s never easy to determine when to call an emergency plumber, but we have listed some helpful signs to help you. Whenever you encounter any of the following, do not waste time and contact us so we can dispatch qualified plumbers to your location.

Water Leak

Not all water leaks need urgent service from a licensed plumber. But issues such as sewer line leaks can cause further damage. Extensive leakage requires the expertise of an emergency plumber.

Water leaks may compromise your home’s structure. Some leaks are undetected. This means you don’t discover the problem until your home has suffered significant harm.

There could also be the development of mold and mildew, which could have a negative impact on your health. It can lead to asthma, itchy eyes, and other respiratory symptoms.

Because it could get to electrical wires, water leaks are also a fire threat. Wire shorts and short circuits may result from this. The harm it can cause to your money is another concern, mainly if it has gone unnoticed for a while.

These are just a few reasons a water leak is tagged as a plumbing emergency. If you spot severe leaking, it’s time to call an emergency plumber.

Clogged Drains

drain cleaning san diegoAlthough clogging occurs naturally in every home, you should nevertheless make an effort to avoid it. System clogs can be caused by hair, paper towels, and wipes that get flushed down the toilet or sewer line. Try to keep hair out of the shower drain as much as possible and avoid flushing these down the toilet.

Others, however, are more difficult to avoid. For instance, obstructions might develop when tree roots squeak through crevices. The buildup is also inevitable in your kitchen sink. When you wash dishes or clean plates, it’s unavoidable that grease or food waste causes a clogged sink.

Call a plumbing expert to check and fix your shower drain or bathroom sink as soon as possible. Like other plumbing emergencies, a clogged drain is a big deal, so you have to act fast.

Hot Water Heater Failure

For some people, heated water may be a luxury, but for others, it may be necessary. Imagine doing a cold shower early in the morning or during your bedtime on a winter night. This is the reason why most homeowners hire a plumbing company to install a hot water heater, so they don’t have to fight the cold water.

But what can you do if your water heater stops working?

Whether it’s a traditional unit or a tankless hot water heater, a failure could happen one way or another. Can you fix it yourself? I guess not.

For heater failure, it is best to call one of the trusted plumbing companies for same-day plumbing repairs.

Damaged Pipes

Burst pipes can cause flooding and can put your family in a dangerous situation. Such cases can escalate right away and thus needs immediate attention.

Flooding due to damaged pipes is always bad news. Further water damage can ruin your walls, start issues with your electrical system and cause more harm. This isn’t something you can easily resolve. DIY fix won’t last long and could make things worse.

Most homeowners fail to see the urgency of this plumbing emergency, but this can impact your plumbing systems in the long run. A minor burst pipe can flush tons of water, weakening the ceiling, flooring, walls, and furniture. Furthermore, this can also lead to low water pressure and massive water bill at the end of the month.

This plumbing issue can blow up in a short time. Skip the inconvenience and call an emergency plumber to address it ASAP.

Low Water Pressure

When you notice a sudden change in your water pressure at home or on your commercial property, know that it wouldn’t be too long before a disaster strikes. This could be a result of a burst and frozen pipe. Call Emergency Plumbing Squad right away.

Let our emergency plumber check your plumbing systems at home and spot frozen pipes that could be causing this. You can call your water company to check for a potential problem with your water lines, but it’s best to call an emergency plumber to check on the main valve.

A leaking pipe can be the major cause of this, and with the help of our emergency plumber, you can repair a clogged aerator and do the cleaning if necessary.

What Details Should You Give to Your Plumbing Emergency Expert

emergency plumber when to call oneClogged drains, sewage backup issues, gas leaks, and overflowing toilets are just the plumbing issues that require the attention of emergency plumbers. But do you know what to tell your plumber when you personally speak to them?

It is best to call different companies, especially if you have no idea who to call. But of course, if you have our number handy, there is no need to do that. Normally, we would give you a rundown of our plumbing services and a free estimate of whatever you need. An emergency plumbing service is normally expensive, but you can avoid spending more money if you call Emergency Plumbing Squad for help.

When you call an emergency plumber for help, here are some helpful guides to get you prepared:

Tell us the exact details.

If it’s a gas leak problem, tell us where exactly the smell is coming from, the location of your gas lines, the specific time you noticed the problem, and the steps you took to resolve it temporarily. The more details you give our emergency plumber, the easier we can locate the leak and the earliest we can stop it. Plus, we can give you a more accurate estimate of the service costs.

Don’t forget to ask for a free quote.

A common question we get asked is how much do emergency plumbers cost.

Whether you are dealing with an overflowing toilet, a pipe leak, a clogged toilet, or water damage, we suggest you ask for a free estimate and a quote before scheduling a service call.

Some plumbers may charge extra, especially if you call them after regular business hours. Though we do not do that, make it a habit to ask for a quote when you call a plumber for emergency plumbing services.

Ask for temporary measures you can do while you wait.

Generally, if you call an emergency plumber during off hours, it would take a while before they reach your location. Do not forget to ask for temporary solutions you can do while they are on their way to you.

In most cases, we ask you to find the main shutoff valve and turn it off. The valve is normally located near the water meter. Failing to shut off the water valve can lead to flooding, worsening the problem. This applies to an overflowing toilet, busted pipe, drippy faucet, and more.

Wish to speak to a licensed emergency plumber.

If you happen to reach an answering service or a front desk staff, ask to speak to a certified plumber so you can relay your problem clearly. Only a knowledgeable plumber can recommend an appropriate plumbing emergency service.

For Quality and Affordable Plumbing Services – Call Emergency Plumbing Squad!

Any plumbing emergency can put your life and your family at risk. A gas leak or severe flooding is a serious health hazard requiring prompt plumbing service.

If you are still unsure and asking yourself questions such as what a plumbing emergency is, reach out to us, and we’ll address your concerns and give you our expert opinion. We always provide a no-obligation consultation.

Emergency Plumbing Squad is available round the clock, all days of the week, to get you whatever service you need.

All you need to do is to tap on us, and we’ll instantly dispatch one to your location. We are a call away when you need a plumber to address your problem and give you a hand.

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