How Much Does Shower Valve Replacement Cost? 

A shower valve is something that you use to control the flow and pressure of water. This control applies to both hot and cold water in your shower. At the same time, the shower valve starts to protect you from blasts of scalding hot (or freezing cold) water.

The question is, how much will it cost you to replace such an essential part of the shower? Do you have to install a shower diverter valve? If yes, when? What is the cost of shower pan replacement?

In this article, we will discuss the shower valve replacement cost. How much does it cost, really?

The Average Cost to Replace Shower Valve 

The shower valve replacement cost will depend on several factors. One factor that affects the cost of replacing shower valves is the hourly rates of the contractors you hire. Another is how complex or how accessible the valve is.

Shower valve replacement costs vary on a case-to-case basis. There is labor to think of, drywall and tiles, and even the shower valve type.

There are also the cost factors like the setup and the type of piping you have.

Finally, you also have to consider your geographical location, which impacts the cost when replacing a shower valve.

In general, the retail cost of the valve can cost anywhere from US$25 to US$100. Take note that this is for the valve alone. The cost is for the part. We are not even talking about the labor cost yet.

Aside from the part and handyman services, other considerations will impact the shower valve replacement costs.

The rest of the cost, like labor, can depend on the amount of work required to replace a shower valve.

For example, you have a shower valve that is easily accessible to the technician. If this is the case, like when your valve is just at the back of your wall, the replacement job is pretty straightforward.

However, if the plumber needs to remove some tiles and has to open up walls, tiles, or shower stalls to access and repair the shower valve, the cost to replace it can soar higher than usual.

As you can imagine, these additional tasks needed to get to the access panel or trim plate of the shower valve can mean additional costs.

For shower valves that are easily accessible by the plumber, expect to pay around US$175 to US$300 for the job. This cost will already include the new valve and trim plate.

The costs can go up to anywhere from US$600 to as much as US$1,800. These costs can soar even higher if there are extra tasks like removal and replacement of the drywall and/or tiles.

At the end of the day, the biggest issue you have to deal with when it comes to shower valves will be access to the copper water pipe.

shower valve replacement cost 300x199If it passes through the stud or even studs, it would be a great challenge for our professional plumber to put the valve in.

It would be hard for the technician to wiggle the valve free or even have enough space for the pipe after cutting the old valve out; this could cost you more.

It would be best to always get in touch with your plumber and have the plumber do a thorough plumbing work and inspection. Once done, the plumber can provide you with an accurate quote on how much to replace a shower valve covering the labor costs, mounting hardware, O rings, shower valve cartridge, shower head, and more.

There are instances when you might have to spend as much as US$1,500 or even US$2,300 for a shower valve replacement cost. This quote is possible, especially in difficult cases, like when the shower valve assembly is behind the tub faucet.

Tub-shower valves are hard to reach and so should cost more. It is because it would take a lot of effort for the plumber to reach the entire valve assembly of the tub valves.

In general, if you have the whole shower valve that is easily accessible, expect to pay around US$175 to US$300. This cost includes the shower valve part and labor.

Sometimes, the galvanized pipes may not be readily accessible to the plumber. Should this be the case, expect to shell out around US$1,500 to US$2,000. This cost includes the parts, labor, and replacement of the tiles and even the drywall.

When the pipes made of PVC or copper are not easily accessible to the plumber, the cost can run anywhere from US$575 to US$900. The cost includes shower valve parts, labor, and the replacement of the tile or drywall.

Finally, when the shower valve is not easily accessible, but you have plans of doing the drywall and tile repairs on your own, the cost can run anywhere from US$375 to US$700 for your overall repair of the shower valve.

Before I forget, you might also want to consider the cost of the stem and internal parts like your trim plates. Are you replacing the shower valve or just these internal parts like internal cartridges? Or are you in need of a basic shower valve assembly or an entire valve replacement?


When is a shower valve faulty?

There are signs to look out for to determine when a shower valve is considered faulty. Once identified, it is time for a shower valve repair. You might also want to check your shower drain plumbing setup or anything wrong with the shower side for good measure.


One of the signs to look for is leaks. It could be a leak from the pipe, behind the shower wall, from a shower faucet, or behind the shower cartridge.

In some cases, you might see leakage on a leaky shower faucet. Sometimes it can even be water dripping down the shower handle.

However, there are other times when the leaks happen off-stage. These are leaks you do not easily see and happen somewhere else – like behind the wall or a shower cartridge.

These leaks are those that you cannot see until it is already too late. Either the wall becomes too damp, or it develops mold. By this time, it would be too late to save the wall. A shower valve repair might also be out of the question.

There are times when leaks are visible from behind the wall of the shower. However, there are those that you will not see until it is too late.

When you find leaks, it is time for a shower valve repair or a shower valve replacement depending on the severity of the issue.

Water Pressure

There are times when the water pressure is low or is not working as it should. It is time for a new shower valve when you have questionable water pressure.

Water pressure can be because of many things. It can be a faulty valve or even just sediment buildup.

Cold and Hot Water

cost of shower valve replacement 300x202Another sign of a faulty shower valve is when it becomes slow from the shower head.

You might find a large swing in the water’s temperature when you shower. One time, it would be a comfortable hot temperature from the shower heads.

Then when someone turns on a shower faucet, it becomes a comfortable cold temperature. There might be something wrong with the thermostatic valve.

This swing in water temperature is another sign of a faulty shower valve. And when this happens, it is time for you to work on having a shower valve replacement.

In a nutshell, your hot and cold water shower can give you signs and signals. The same is true with water supply.


Should you go for a new shower valve? 

Most of the time, shower valves come with a decently-sized escutcheon. The size is usually around six inches in diameter.

The piping plays a huge role in the shower valve replacement cost. These are always made of galvanized pipes. The cost to repair is quite different.

The escutcheon can cover everything up without so much of a hassle. On the other hand, piping made of copper, PEX, or CPVC is easier. You can install a new valve through the hole. And this would save money and lower overhead costs.

Always consider the cost of shower valve replacement to save money with new valves. This will extend later to replacing your drywall or your tiles. But always put into mind first the cost of replacing a shower valve completely.

You might also want to consider whether to repair a shower valve or replace it altogether. Deciding to repair a shower valve might require an assessment from an expert. It would also be the same when you need to replace a shower valve.

In many cases, professional plumbers would just replace the shower valve. The skilled plumbers usually leave it to you to fix the drywall or the tile repairs. Either you do it yourself or get a third-party supplier to do the job.

Having a home warranty that covers these can also impact the cost to replace your shower valve.

In summary, there are many times when a skilled plumber replaces a shower valve and does not touch the drywall and the tiles. To replace your shower valve could be the plumber touching the drywall or leaving it to you.

Also, there are brands of shower valves that offer a lifetime warranty on parts. Brands like Moen do this. Such can affect your cost of shower valve replacement.

Kohler shower valve cartridges with a plastic body also do the same.

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