Liquid Drain Cleaner and Pipe Safety Matters

Persistent drain clogs may feel like the bane of your days. Thankfully, a strong drain cleaner can make getting rid of clogs that are made up of grease, hair and bits of food pretty easy and straightforward. That’s where Liquid-Plumber comes into play. This sink cleaner liquid is a gel that battles it out against standing water in order to get to sludge, soap scum and hair.

Does drain cleaner work? Does liquid plumber work? These two questions may be on your mind. If you’re tired of stubborn clogs, you may wonder about the safety and effectiveness of the widely known liquid drain cleaner.

Is Liquid Plumber Safe for Pipes?

Are you looking for a safe liquid pipe cleaner (even for PVC Pipes)? If you are, you may want to get your hands on Liquid-Plumber. The manufacturer of the liquid drain cleaner verifies that it is safe to use in household plumbing without exception. This is based on laboratory test results. Despite that, the manufacturer discourages people from using clog removing formulas to take care of rubber pipes. These formulas may be detrimental to rubber.

Is Drain Cleaner Safe for Pipes?

Is drain cleaner bad for pipes? This is another question some people have.

It’s critical to see to it that you use drain cleaners in the appropriate manner. Assess product labeling with great care. Your aim should be to utilize a drain cleaner that’s 100 percent safe for pipes and other plumbing system elements. If you use drain cleaner improperly, it may do a number on your septic system, pipes and sinks. Certain drain cleaners include chemicals that may harm your sink’s enamel or porcelain.

does liquid plumr workCorrosion may be another potential issue. If you use a liquid drain cleaner, it could bring on corrosion and fatigue to pipes that are part of older residential properties. If your home was constructed prior to the 1970s, it may be part of that category.

If you suspect that drain cleaner isn’t appropriate for your home and plumbing system for any reason, you should play it safe. A plunger may be able to help you get rid of a clog successfully. You can think about recruiting a professional plumber to manage the clog as well. Doing so can protect you from the risk of pipe damage. Remember, fixing this kind of damage can often be extremely expensive.

How Does Liquid Plumber Work?

People who are familiar with Liquid-Plumber may want to know exactly how the liquid drain opener works. This formula has a couple of prominent active ingredients. These ingredients are sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide. These are known as bleach and lye respectively. If you blend sodium hydroxide and water, the first substance responds and turns corrosive. It starts to give off heat as well. When this blend moves within pipes, it deconstructs and dissolves obstructions that are made out of organic things such as grease and remnants of food. It dissolves obstructions that are made out of soap scum, too.

The bleach component in this formula can dissolve both cosmetic formulas and hair as well. It has SAAs or “surface active agents” that minimize foaming considerably.

Fortunately, using Liquid-Plumber doesn’t take long at all. The job generally requires roughly 15 minutes in total. Liquid-Plumber differs from an abundance of aggressive drain cleaners on the market in that it features active ingredients that are made to degrade rapidly. The goal behind this rapid degradation is to steer clear of negatively affecting septic system bacteria.

is liquid drain cleaner safeIt’s critical to be aware of the fact that Liquid-Plumber cannot take care of all sorts of clogs that are possible. If a miscellaneous item is trapped inside of one of your pipes, the formula may dissolve some of the things that are right by it. You will still have to hire a plumber to actually do away with the item, though. Note, too, that Liquid-Plumber use cannot dissolve any waste that leads to clogs inside of toilets.

There are quite a few drain cleaners available these days that operate similarly to Liquid-Plumber. They often consist of active ingredients that are basically identical as well. These products may lead to outcomes that are like those of Liquid-Plumber through the use of different alkali products. They frequently involve potassium hydroxide.

Many drain cleaners that are accessible rely on enzymes or acidic components as a means of degrading items that obstruct pipes.

Chemical Drain Cleaner Considerations

It’s important to be prudent regarding the use of chemical drain cleaners. If you use the wrong kind of drain cleaner, it may bring on a host of unpleasant consequences. If you use a drain cleaner improperly, the same thing applies. People who have any doubts whatsoever should spare themselves frustration and reach out to experienced and knowledgeable professional plumbers for guidance and service.

What are some possible consequences that are associated with questionable chemical drain cleaner use?

Questionable use can trigger septic tank troubles. Septic tank bacteria is responsible for the deconstruction and management of tank organic materials. Some drain cleaners can destroy this vital bacteria. This can interfere dramatically with septic tank operations.

Many chemical drain cleaners that are on hand these days include rather aggressive components. Since these components are so intense, they can bring on unpleasant skin and eye irritation. In more extreme circumstances, they can bring on major burns and even blindness.

People who have concerns about the planet and the environment sometimes have reservations about chemical drain cleaner use, too. If this type of cleaner makes its way into groundwater or dirt, it may be highly detrimental to plants and animals. It may be just as dangerous to human beings who rely on this water day in and day out for all kinds of applications.

If you want to deal with a frustrating drain clog both safely and effectively, you should consider recruiting a trusted, experienced and extensively trained plumber for service. Working with a dependable plumbing professional may help provide you with full peace of mind.

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