The words “burst pipe” don’t exactly sound great together. If you hear about a burst pipe in your home, it may give you that sinking feeling inside, too. It’s no surprise that many people wonder whether burst pipes are bona fide plumbing emergencies. So, are they? Do you have water seeping through your floor?

Burst Pipe Emergency Status

Plumbing companies often get calls about burst pipe emergencies. What exactly causes burst pipes, anyway? Freezing pipes tend to cause them. Despite that, exceptions are possible. The passing of time can cause burst pipes. The same thing goes for environmental factors. If tree roots somehow find their way inside of your pipes, it may bring on bursting.

burst-pipesHow to deal with a burst pipe situation? That isn’t an uncommon question in the slightest. If you want to know what to do about a burst water pipe, the answer is extremely simple. You should reach out to a qualified emergency plumber without any delay. Burst pipes, in a nutshell, are genuine plumbing emergencies. What makes them so? Pipe bursting can cause significant water damage inside of a living space. This sort of damage is no laughing matter. If you want it eliminate it, it may cost you a pretty substantial sum of money. It may be an extremely time-consuming and detailed process as well.

Water damage isn’t just an eyesore. It can also pose a significant health risk. That’s due to the fact that it can promote the emergence of disgusting and possibly hazardous mold. Mold is a notorious substance that can trigger all sorts of medical problems in people. It can bring on allergies, respiratory difficulties and even death. If you’re serious about protecting the people in your household from mold exposure, you should take care of a burst pipe without any delay.


What to Do With a Burst Water Pipe?

It’s crucial to figure out how to handle a burst pipe emergency in your home. You should strive to keep your cool and take action that can stop things from getting out of hand as you wait for professional assistance.

Who to call when a pipe bursts? Contact a trusted on-call plumber who specializes in emergencies. In the meantime, your goal should be to cut off all water flow. In short, you have to locate the main valve and switch off the water there. Main valves tend to be in basements.

After you switch off your water, you should aim to get rid of any water that may be lingering in your pipes. You can drain pipes by flushing every single toilet on your property. Once you’ve done that, you should switch the cold water on in every sink. Allow the water to stay on until it goes completely dry.

It’s imperative to drain additional water that may have the potential to damage your property as well. Head straight to your water heater in order to turn it off. Afterward, run the water that’s cold. Wait for it to stop. You can then focus on the hot water.

It’s sometimes beneficial to switch your electricity off. This is based on your specific leakage or pipe location. Since water is an electricity conductor, it can sometimes bring on major issues.


Reason Burst Pipes Are Emergencies

burst-pipe-emergencyBurst pipes trigger the flow of water straight into your living space. That flow understandably can bring on significant flooding. It makes sense, too, that flooding can do a number on the wires, walls, ceilings and floors inside of your home. Flooding can wreak havoc onto different structural elements as well. If you want to safeguard yourself and the members of your household from many difficult and time-consuming repair projects, you should hire an emergency plumber without hesitation. Doing so can save you a lot of money as well. Remember, it can always help to try to keep water damage to a minimum as you wait for your emergency plumber to show up at your home.


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