About the Cost to Install an Outdoor Water Spigot

Are you seriously thinking about installing an outdoor water spigot? If your response is yes, you should learn about outdoor faucet installation costs in advance. Water supplies outside can make day-to-day existence easier and more pleasant in many ways. An outdoor faucet can help you water your lawn and maintain your property more effectively. It can help you keep your vehicle shiny and clean. It can even help you bathe your energetic dog after he rolls around in the dirt or mud. So, what’s the cost to add an outdoor spigot, anyway?

Outdoor Faucet Installation Costs

Do you want to install a new outdoor spigot? Do you want to replace an outdoor spigot? If you install an outdoor water spigot, you may have to spend anywhere from $190 to $415 in total. People who own homes in the United States generally spend $360 on outdoor spigot installation on average.

Don’t assume that the typical price range is where things end, however. People sometimes spend just $85 on outdoor faucet installation. They sometimes spend upward of $2,610 on it as well. Despite that, both situations are on the rare side.

What exactly can influence the cost to buy or replace an outdoor water spigot? If you’re able to save significantly on materials, $85 installation might be a possibility. If you go for a particularly elaborate installation project with a faucet that is particularly sophisticated in style, the aforementioned $2,610 might be a possibility, too.

Outdoor Spigot Varieties

garden spigot 300x199Again, outdoor spigot varieties can quite understandably influence the cost of installation substantially. If you want to save more money, it may help to try a bell valve. Installing this kind of outdoor faucet may cost from $165 to $275. It’s comparatively inexpensive thanks to its basic design. Bell valves feature straightforward lever handles that manage water flow.

Frost-free outdoor spigot costs from $200 to $430. Because they’re insulated, they’re made to tolerate freezing temperatures through water draining. They do not split or crack.

Hose bibs usually cost from $165 to $275. They operate a lot like the previously mentioned bell valves. The difference is that they rely on knobs instead of handles for water flow management purposes. They offer no-frills designs and economical price tags.

Anti-siphon outdoor spigots usually cost from $230 to $435. These spigots utilize one-way water valves as a means of stopping dirty water from blending in with the fresh water supply for your residential property. Hoses often house lingering unclean water, after all.

Outdoor showers usually cost from $635 to $2,610. Standard cold water showers are comparatively budget-friendly. Hot water ones, though, can be pretty pricey.

Yard hydrants generally cost from $385 to $1,705. These are optimal for bigger homes. They enable people who don’t have elaborate hose lines to water their lawns.

Outdoor sinks usually cost from $285 to $1,110. They make fine elements of outdoor kitchens. These sinks help people get clean after tackling lawn care duties.

Different Components That May Influence Costs

If you’re contemplating replacing an outdoor faucet, you should learn about different components that may influence costs, too. Although spigot variety is without a doubt the primary component, it should in no way, shape or form be your sole consideration.

Some faucet installation jobs are especially elaborate. They may entail water line installation and trenching work. These things don’t just increase costs. They also require more of a time commitment. Outdoor sinks, outdoor showers and yard hydrants usually are more expensive due to the fact that they often call for more water lines.

Don’t forget about labor. Recruiting a plumber for outdoor faucet installation often costs from $50 to $100. Straightforward projects generally call for no more than two hours of work.

outdoor spigot installation 300x200Materials play a big part in outdoor faucet installation costs. Basic hose bib and bell valve options are pretty economical. Using these kinds of spigots can drive installation project expenses down rather dramatically.

Consider permits. Permits are sometimes essential for outdoor faucet installation projects. This is based on local rules. Permits tend to cost between $50 and $100 for straightforward spigot projects. Permits for particularly elaborate projects, however, may cost as much as $1,500.

If you have a basement or a crawlspace, that could potentially affect how long and how difficult your outdoor spigot installation project may be. Plumbers in many cases work much more rapidly in unfinished basements and crawlspaces alike. That’s due to the fact that these areas provide them with more hassle-free water line access. Plumbers who are able to work more rapidly understandably are able to charge less money.

Outdoor water spigot installation can be a lot harder for people who own homes with finished basements. Plumbers who take on these projects have no choice but to deal with all sorts of “barriers” to getting to water lines successfully. They occasionally have to cut into walls and ceilings. If your plumber has to do that, you may be “forced” to recruit a different contractor to close up any holes and openings neatly.

Location, last but not least, also matters in the cost department. If you opt to install your outdoor spigot by your water pipes, that may help reduce your expenses.

A Look at the Cost to Replace an Outdoor Spigot

The reality is that all outdoor water spigots wear out as they get older. If you have an existing outdoor water spigot set up, you may have to swap it out with a brand new one at some point. You may have to replace a specific component as well. Since you have a water line that has already been set up, you may have to set aside from $150 to $300 for professional replacement or repair work.

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