How much does it cost to unclog a toilet?

An average person goes to the toilet about 2,500 times every year. With this number, you could expect that, at some point, things can go wrong.

The more you use the toilet, the more possibility of issues happening.

Toilets should last you for many decades. We could expect minimal maintenance or fuss to happen regularly. However, you could not expect your toilet to function for many years without a clogging incident once in a while.

And clogged toilets are problems you need to resolve ASAP.

A toilet clog can sometimes be removed using baking soda or a chemical drain cleaner. But If your toilet frequently clogs, you might need to hire a professional to check on your main sewer line or resolve the problem for you.

On average, the national cost to address toilet clogs is around US$200 to US$700.

Most people would spend around US$350. This cost is for a plumber to unclog a toilet with an electric toilet auger to clear the toilet drain clog or main sewer line blockage. The electric auger is also to test the system for efficiency.

A simple drain snaking can cost around US$100. This cost also applies to chemical treatments done by drain cleaners.

The higher cost of fixing this problem should run up to US$1,000. This cost should cover processes like hydro jetting and fixing serious clogs or repair of the toilet drain line.

Cost to Unclog a Toilet Depending on Method

When unclogging a toilet, the cost will depend on the professional plumber’s method.

The cost will depend on the kind of materials or the method used, the time it took to unclog, and the equipment used in unclogging the toilet. The average cost to unclog a toilet should run around US$50 at its cheapest. It can go up to about US$1,500 at its most expensive.

There are many ways to unclog a toilet or a sewer line.

The method that your plumber will use will also depend on the clog type and the severity of the problem. The plumber can settle with baking soda, a toilet snake, a new wax toilet ring, or an electric auger.

Listed below are the average costs of unclogging a toilet depending on the method used. I will also discuss what each method entails and why it is important.


Once in a while, the best way to unclog a toilet is by replacement of a specific part.

Suppose it is hard to remove clogged toilet paper if there are damages to a certain component. The recommendation of the plumber is to always replace that specific part.

The cost of replacing a toilet component can range from US$50 to US$1,500. The cost depends on the part, labor, and many more.

Here are some examples of parts that plumbers usually replace.

A toilet drains pipe costs around US$700 to US$1,500. If you are replacing a sewer line because of roots or clogs, it can run anywhere from US$700 to US$1,000.

Sometimes, the parts that need replacing are smaller.

For example, a float rod and ball or a chain replacement can cost around US$50 to US$250.

Valve replacements include the replacement of the handle, flush valve, and tank bolds. Sometimes, it can also include the replacement of the handle. In such cases, the cost can run anywhere from US$250 to US$300.

Tank replacements can cost around US$250 to US$500.

Snaking a Toilet

If there is no need to replace anything, the solution might be to use a toilet snake.

Snaking a toilet using a standard drain snake can cost around US$100 to US$250.

Sometimes, the clog is minor. A hand-operated snake can do the trick. In this process, you attach a small auger at the end of the snake. It should help unclog toilets.

However, snaking the toilet is not a permanent solution. This is because it does not get rid of the debris you can find at the sewer pipes.

It is a band-aid solution. However, it solves the problem; temporarily, though.

Rodding a Clogged Toilet

To unclog a toilet costs anywhere from US$150 to US$400 using this method. It is a common method when dealing with larger clogs.

You can also use this method to clogged drains on pipes and sewer lines of all sizes.

You can use this method with clogs of several sizes, especially with larger pipes. Rodding can clear up more areas in a short span of time using larger rods.

These rods are also durable and can even break tree roots.

Toilet Removal

cost to unclog a toilet 300x200One of the most complicated methods is to take a toilet apart in order to unclog it.

Most plumbing professionals will charge you anywhere from US$200 to US$550 for toilet or tank replacement. Keep in mind that the longer the process is, the more expensive it will be.

In this process, our local plumber needs to remove the entire toilet and perform clog removals. After clearing the clog, the plumber will replace the toilet and check on other areas like the sewage line or main drain line.

The process is common, especially when a foreign object is at the toilet base. You can usually remove this object by hand, a snake, or an auger. However, you cannot use your hand, snake, or auger without removing the toilet first.

The high cost of this method is because of the removal of the toilet itself.

Hydro Jetting Pipes

Sometimes, your clogged toilet may need serious cleaning, especially if it’s not flushing properly.

If this is the case, you might need a hydro jetting method. And this method will cost you anywhere from US$250 to US$800.

The process allows you to remove leftover grease, human waste, sewage hair, food waste, and other things that can build up in the drain.

The method involves high-pressure water. And because of the high-pressure water and the strength, it gives out; it is a process we do not advise on old pipes or drain lines as they can damage under stress.

Electric Snake

Depending on the size and the type of electric snake, your cost can run anywhere from US$300 to US$400.

You can use electric snakes to deal with severe clogs that simple drain snakes or toilet augers cannot fix.

However, I should warn you that when using electric snakes, leave it to the professionals. The wrong size and snake type can damage your toilet, pipes, and sewer system.

Open Pipe Cleaning

There are times when what your toilet needs is a process that involves opening the pipe. This process should clear up the clogged line.

It can cost you anywhere from US$600 to US$700.

When you clear a blocked toilet, you involve clearing the waste pipe. The process includes a camera for the plumber to identify that blockage. The camera is also essential in removing foreign objects of buildup.

This method requires the opening of the pipe at the seam that is closest to the clogged part.

It is a messy process and needs a lot of effort from the plumber. However, in some cases, this process may be your only choice.

Unclogging a Toilet by Clog Location

Sometimes, your cost can also go up or down depending on the location of the clog. If the blockage is not that serious, the toilet eventually unclog.

The price to unclog toilet or a plumbing system would vary depending on the location because of the accessibility of the plumber to the clog. The location will also determine the parts or tools that the plumber will use to perform the clog-removal process.

Plumbers need to know everything about the clog to advise on what is happening.

A Toilet Shut-Off Valve Clog

If your shut-off is clogged, dealing with this will cost you anywhere from US$100 to US$200.

This issue is not as common as the others. However, minerals and other debris may get into the valve, resulting in a slow drain and an abnormal flushing mechanism.

The most common way to resolve this is to remove the valve and clean it using a snake, a wax ring, or an auger. After cleaning, our plumber will reinstall it to the toilet.

However, you can install a new one most of the time. And it is the faster way to resolve things.

A Clogged Toilet Tank

Plumbers would probably bill you anywhere from US$100 to US$250 for fixing a clogged toilet tank.

When you have a clogged toilet tank, your tank may not fill with enough water. It would then be impossible for you to flush the toilet because there is insufficient water.

Most of the time, the plumber uses a snake to remove the paper towels and other clogs. The snake may or may not come with a camera or an auger.

Clogged Toilet Trap

Fixing clogged toilet traps will cost you anywhere from US$100 to US$250.

This amount will already have the plumber remove the clog without the need to remove the toilet.

If you want to know, the trap is that curved part between the tank and the toilet bowl. Oftentimes, it can clog with all the debris and the buildup because of its shape.

If clogged, the gasses and water cannot freely move as they should in this part of the system. As a result, the toilet malfunctions impact the sewer backup and may release dangerous sewer gasses.

A plumbing snake or auger can fix the issue.

A Clogged Toilet Bowl

unclog toilet cost 300x200When you ask a plumber to unclog a toilet bowl, it can cost you anywhere from US$100 to US$300.

This cost is for simple fixes, like when the clog is in the toilet bowl, and does not require additional drain clearing.

Sometimes, the toilet bowl becomes clogged with toilet paper, foreign objects, or even feces. Because of the foreign objects, the mechanism cannot function well and would lead to clogs or backups.

One needs to remove the clog with a plumbing snake to resolve this issue. This way, the plumber ensures proper flushing and filling of the bowl. But this should only happen once the plumber completely removes the clog.

Other Clogs

There are also other locations of clogs that have varying costs.

For example, fixing clogged toilet air vents can cost anywhere from US$100 to US$300. On the other hand, unclogging a toilet drain or sewer pipe is anywhere from US$100 to US$400.

Also, clogged toilet drain lines and bathroom sinks require more work for the plumber. Your costs to unclog a toilet drain line can reach about US$700.

Consider the Plumber’s Cost

When unclogging toilet, you would also need to pay for the plumber cost. Yes, that’s on top of the replacement toilet cost, the additional plumbing fixtures you need, etc.

The average labor cost for a professional plumber to unclog your toilet and perform valve replacement ranges from US$75 to US$150.

There are, of course, several factors that can affect the cost. One would be the location, the plumber, and the experience.

If the plumber decides that there is a need to replace a part to prevent future clogs, you might expect anywhere from US$425 to US$900.

If it is an emergency toilet fix that you need in order to unclog toilet, the costs can reach up to US$700. Again, it all depends on the type of work the plumber needs to do.

An unclogged toilet is a nightmare.

It can cause several nuisances and inconveniences to the family or the people using the building.

Sometimes, you can do the trick yourself. However, sometimes you need to call a plumber to fix things for you.

Whenever you do, ask the plumber for additional information on what caused the clog. This way, you can ensure that you fix the issue and avoid going through the same nightmare again.

Emergency Plumbing Squad usually provides at least three estimates so feel free to call and ask us anything.

Want to have your toilet unclogged once and for all? Why settle with that hot water remedy when you can call us immediately? Water draining slowly is a clear sign of a clog problem.

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